Category: Pre-trip Student Assignments

  • Dengue

    By Madelyn Bayles  Dengue, a disease that infects as many as 400 million people per year, may be caused by four different viruses (About Dengue, 2019). These viruses, which are all part of the genus Flavivirus, are known as DEN-1, DEN-2, DEN-3, and DEN-4 (Dengue Viruses). It is hypothesized that these viruses originated among various […]

  • Effects of Tourism on Thailand

    By Rylee Adkison and Erin Macinnis Thailand has become one of the biggest booming areas for tourism lately and all in good reason as thailand is home to amazing beaches, greenery, and fun! Thailand has so much to offer but specific landmarks in thailand have been getting hit harder than others in terms of the […]

  • Elephants!

    By Dacota Shell and Meg Villalobos History of elephants in Thailand The role of elephants in Thai culture began in the 1500s and the animals have been praised for their longevity, durability, and strength throughout the country. Because of the sheer size and power of these animals, they were used in the fights involving the […]

  • Thai Massage

    By Tallya Llewelyn and Kate Abbott Introduction Thai massages, or  Nuad Bo-Rarn in Thai, has been around for thousands of years and is a very important part of health and wellness in Thailand. The massage is based around “sen”, which are energy lines that flow throughout your body. Obviously, this type of massage greatly differs […]

  • Medical Tourism

    By Haley Southwick and Kristine Hoggard Retrieved from Medical tourism is travelling abroad to obtain medical treatment. The main reasons for medical tourism are cheaper medical costs and shorter waiting lists. Pro’s of Medical Tourism: The main reason to travel abroad to receive medical care is cost. There are high labor costs in the […]

  • The Sukhothai Kingdom

    By Kenyon Kaegi-Rittiman & Preston Kill The Sukhothai Kingdom represents a critical portion of Thailand’s history and modern existence. The word “Sukhothai” means dawn of happiness. In Thailand, the Sukhothai Kingdom is considered the start of Thailand as a country. The kingdom was established in 1248 CE by King Inthrathit. The capital of the Sukhothai […]

  • Thai Agriculture

    By Gaeble Jones and Payton Hudson Thailand is one of the top leading countries in the world for rice production and exports, though due to other competitors there has been a decline in the amount of rice being produced. This can drastically change the economy of the country because Thailand is dependent on rice crops […]

  • HIV in Thailand

    By Katie Rees and Sara Mollner Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that causes the destruction of the body’s immune system by infecting the body’s normal white blood cell replication process. The process of the virus destroying the body’s immune system allow for other infections and cancers to develop and grow. If left untreated, […]

  • Thai Royalty

     By Missy Crittenden & Abby Paine Chakri Dynasty The Chakkri Dynasty (also spelled Chakri), has been the ruling house of Thailand since 1782 (Chakkri Dynasty).  Rama I, originally a military commander with the title Chao Phraya Chakri, became King of Thailand following the execution of the previous ruler, Taskin (Hume, 2018).  Rama I played a […]

  • Thai Traditional Medicine

    By Serena Blake and Caitlin Johnson Philosophy of Thai Traditional Medicine In Thai traditional medicine it is believed that the four elements need to be in balance for a person to be healthy. The four elements being; Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. Thai traditional medicine is a more holistic approach to medicine such as using […]