Snorkeling in Koh Samet

By Katie Rees and Haley Southwick

Today we were all lucky enough to have the opportunity to snorkel at several different small islands surround Koh Samet. A majority of the may term trip included rural villages and service so it was nice to relax and have fun as a group. The beginning of the day began off a small island where the tour guides helped show us around to different sea creatures. The water was the clearest it’s been in several years and the coral is an array of many colors. Since it was high tide we were few feet about the coral, fish and sea urchins. Next, was a stop off another island with a beautiful hike to a cliff over-looking the ocean. We hopped back on the boat for another snorkeling opportunity at another island. This time the guides fed the fish and they swarmed the boat which made for excellent snorkeling, as displayed in this video. Lastly, we stopped on a small private island for a late lunch. This was an amazing experience and allows us as students to see the other sides of Thailand available as students and tourists. The May term experience helped show the differences of Thai culture and tourist destinations. Fun experiences like this allowed for further bonding with the other students in the group.

Snorkeling video







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