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Tourism in Thailand

By Eli Clarke and Tanner Peacock

Thailand is a small, but amazing country. There are a couple things that Thailand is well-known for. First is the fact that Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia to never been colonized by Europeans. The people within this country take great pride in this aspect of their lives. Since this country has never been colonized, this means there is a very unique culture that you cannot experience anywhere else in the world.

However, due to this unique culture, Thailand has become a huge tourist destination. Bangkok, with 12.2 million expected visitors in 2017 alone, is the third most visited city in the world (behind London and Paris). With the high amount of visitors, tourism has shaped the country in more ways than one is able to think about. Now, Thailand is seen more as a getaway vacation destination than as a country in most visitors’ eyes. The influence of tourism has been divided up into four main sections: economic, social, environmental, and technological. Continue reading Tourism in Thailand

Ecotourism in Thailand


By Matt Lancaster & Suzi Ayers

Travel and tourism is a rapidly growing industry, especially in developing countries such as Thailand. In fact, travel and tourism now accounts for more than 9.5% of the world GDP and generates $7 trillion a year (WTTC, 2014). Tourism is a trickle down economy, meaning it affects many other industries that tourists contribute to when they visit Thailand. Visitors will come to see conservation sights or ride an elephant, but the indirect dollar revenue is where the economy prospers. Visitors spread their money out across the economy purchasing food, lodging, transportation, and vendor goods in marketplaces. An economy that relies on tourism for its growth is highly aware of the services they need to provide to keep the tourists coming. A popular industry to maintain is ecotourism. Continue reading Ecotourism in Thailand