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Costs of goods in Thailand

By: Joey Garzarelli

There are many differences in prices of goods between Thailand and America. One of the biggest surprises to me is that cars have a 300% sales tax. This means that a car such as a Subaru WRX which would cost about $35000 in the US could cost over $100000 in Thailand. On the other hand there are also many things that are drastically lower in Thailand. The first thing I noticed being much lower in Thailand was food. When  I was in the food court the first day we were here I bought me a plate of roasted duck and rice which cost me about 50 baht. 50 baht is the same as about $1.66 which is insanely low. You can only get a drink for that price in the US. The last necessity I noticed to be extremely low was the cost of clothes. I bought me a total of 13 shirts and all together spent about $65 dollars on them which is practically impossible in the states. Not even at the DI can you get nice shirts this cheap.

I know one of the main reasons that many things are cheap here is because they are made here and the cost of labor here is very low. I also know that cars are taxed insanely high because there is no income tax so the government needs to get there money someway. I just thought that the comparison of the prices were so insane that I needed to share them.