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The Mae Tao Clinic

By: Kate Stoner and Tiffany Henry

In Mae Sot, we visited the Mae Tao Clinic, which was an absolutely incredible experience. The clinic, just over the Burmese border, provides medical treatment for displaced Burmese people. Some patients are living in Thailand and have no other healthcare options while others traveled from Burma into Thailand just to receive medical attention from the clinic.

I enjoyed visiting the maternity ward of the clinic and seeing so many new mothers holding or resting next to their newborn babies. The newborns I saw all looked like premies, but they may be smaller than children in the U.S. because of maternal malnutrition or lack of pre natal care. Also, abortions are illegal in Thailand so a lot of the babies or patients were results if failed abortions or abortion attempts, which was extremely shocking and sad to see.

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Service can be Selfish…

By: Chris Roundy and Nathan Calies

In thinking about the trip so far, especially in thinking
about the service portion of the trip which is now behind us, the many reasons
for doing service have become more apparent. Before we left for Thailand, the
group read and discussed two papers that addressed the ideas behind service and
how it is viewed. It was refreshing to see a straight-forward analysis of
service that wasn’t afraid to say that some reasons for doing service are more
selfish than others. Some of the reasons for doing service that were discussed
include: 1) a love of whatever god(s) you choose to believe in and his/her
children; 2) we’re all human and occupy this planet; 3) I can relate to your
problems; 4) bragging rights; 5) karma points. When serving internationally,
one might also include a desire to see the world as an excuse or reason to do

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“Thaiing” it All Together

By: Zoe Sirivejchaphan and Spencer Luczak

Throughout history almost every country in the world has, and without consent, been invaded, conquered, or overruled by neighboring nations for reasons only the callous heart can comprehend.  However, in the midst of all this turmoil and devastation, one nation has denied such an insidious trend in an effort to preserve the life and culture of Southeast Asia.  This culturally rich country is known today as Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”.  Known for their warmth and unity as a whole, Thai people welcome in people from all areas of the world.  With this influx of tourism one might wonder where all the cash flow is headed and how this money is used to help people alleviate poverty.  This particular paper will aid in sharing the general factors that make up Thailand’s economy as well as point out the cultural dynamics that influence behaviors toward the handling of money on a daily basis.  Also, added insight will be given on the current progress of microcredit loans and attitudes regarding them in Thailand.  While every issue and avenue cannot be addressed here, a better understanding of Thailand’s mindset concerning the value of money may be more easily obtained.

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