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By: Spencer Luczak

Blogging… definitely a first for me.  Back home I go by Spencer Luczak but on our excursion I am occasionally referred to as ‘Stallion’.  Usually my reflections of life are posted in a personal journal or fluffed up for an assignment given out at school.  However, there is something about being in a foreign environment where nobody is in their comfort zone that causes me to be open with my thoughts without reservation.  My entry for today, although simple in essence, I hope will give others a feeling for the innate love that children posses.

During our time spent painting and playing with the village children at their school in Kalasin I was caught off guard by the tenderness of a young boy and the tenured love of his on-looking mother.  While the time we spent collectively designing  t-shirts for each student strengthened our bond between the children, I found the actual giving of the gifts to be most enlightening.  My intellect told me that the young boy who I would give my shirt to would not fully appreciate what was being done for him, but that is exactly where Continue reading Reflections….