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The Mae Tao Clinic

By: Kate Stoner and Tiffany Henry

In Mae Sot, we visited the Mae Tao Clinic, which was an absolutely incredible experience. The clinic, just over the Burmese border, provides medical treatment for displaced Burmese people. Some patients are living in Thailand and have no other healthcare options while others traveled from Burma into Thailand just to receive medical attention from the clinic.

I enjoyed visiting the maternity ward of the clinic and seeing so many new mothers holding or resting next to their newborn babies. The newborns I saw all looked like premies, but they may be smaller than children in the U.S. because of maternal malnutrition or lack of pre natal care. Also, abortions are illegal in Thailand so a lot of the babies or patients were results if failed abortions or abortion attempts, which was extremely shocking and sad to see.

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