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  • Parade Day

    By:  Joe Caesar & Cera Cantu Preparation for the parade started early in the morning around 6. The theme of the day was patience. We had to wait to be called for makeup and hair to be done by some of the villagers. Once we were dressed we had to wait for the parade. All […]

  • Back to Playing Dress-Up

    By: Amanda Phillips and Kenzie Mitchell When we arrived in Kalasin we found out who was going to be the royalty in the parade. The first king and queen pair was Mary and Justin the cute couple of our trip. The second pair was me, Amanda, and Greg. Our elephant driver was Tyler. The five […]

  • Reflections….

    By: Spencer Luczak Blogging… definitely a first for me.  Back home I go by Spencer Luczak but on our excursion I am occasionally referred to as ‘Stallion’.  Usually my reflections of life are posted in a personal journal or fluffed up for an assignment given out at school.  However, there is something about being in […]

  • A Mile is a Mile

    By: Ellie Coleman and Lindsey Dunlap I recently took up running and on June 25th I’ll run my first half marathon.  I was pretty stressed out about whether or not I would be able to train in Thailand and was pleasantly surprised to see a red dirt road upon our arrival to Kalasin.  In our […]

  • Waste Not Want Not

    By: Carson Chambers and Zoe Sirivejachipan Since we’ve been in Thailand, we’ve experienced a wide array of subcultures within the country.  Within each unique area, we have been exposed to a variety of subtle differences and similarities.   All humans have to deal with the not-so-glamorous issue of waste – what do we qualify as waste?  […]

  • Rain Dance

    By: Jane Dahle, Alexa Ferdig and Rob Caesar Sunday May 8. 2011 Westminster College had the great honor of attending the yearly parade hosted by Kalasin to call upon the rain gods to bless their villages for water during the farming season. This was an incredible event to experience from two different standpoints that include […]

  • The Learning Center

    By: Siri Wieringa and  Kaylene Moulton Today we went to the Learning Center in the village where there was a welcome ceremony. From Kaylene’s view point, there is no need for words to communicate. Although it would be a lot easier, I believe I connected with some of the Children on a whole different level. The […]