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  • Personal Safety While Traveling

    Personal Safety While Traveling

    A fear many have about traveling outside of the United States is personal safety. Much of this is ingrained in the fear of the unknown, and not on any firm data. While there are dangerous regions in the world today (Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Nicaragua, Yemen, Pakistan), there are many parts of the world that are […]

  • What to Bring – A Personal First Aid Kit for International Travel

    What to Bring – A Personal First Aid Kit for International Travel

    Stuff happens, and at inopportune times. So it’s best that you’re prepared. We will have a group first aid kit, but it is prudent to have a personal one as well. Not a huge one that will take care of any possible accident or disease that could happen. You’d need an entire hospital and a […]

  • Treatments for Motion Sickness

    Treatments for Motion Sickness

    We will be experiencing just about every mode of transportation during this trip. We will be flying, driving in minivans (a lot, through city traffic as well as curvy, mountainous roads), riding in speedboats, riding in the backs of pickups over rough mountain roads, riding in tuk-tuks, riding bikes, riding tractors, and even riding on […]

  • Staying Healthy in Thailand – MORE Things to Think About

    Staying Healthy in Thailand – MORE Things to Think About

    Staying healthy while on the trip is a very high priority for students, faculty, family, friends …… really everyone. Being ill on a trip like this really is not very fun. So far, we have had few illnesses on this trip. And there are several things we can do to stay as healthy as we […]

  • Staying Healthy in Thailand – Vaccinations

    Staying Healthy in Thailand – Vaccinations

    One of the nice things about travelling to Thailand is that you don’t need too many special vaccinations other than the ones that you SHOULD have already (MMR, Td, Hep A, Hep B, Varicella if you haven’t had chicken pox, and possibly meningococcus, especially if you live in  dorms).  Pay particular attention to make sure your tetanus-diptheria is […]

  • Health clinics at Ban Toong Ting School

    By: Nicole Roberts & James Bacigalupo Along with the service projects at the Ban Toong Ting school, we were also able to help aid the Thai Nursing students with health checks. Health checks are extremely important, especially when done on the children of an area because they can tell a lot about the overall health of the […]

  • What to expect from your body in Thailand…

    By: Sarah Schafer and Raychel Hamada While traveling around Thailand is exciting, there are a number of discomforts that one should be prepared to face.   Some examples experienced by our group in particular included: Heat Rash: We both dealt with the inconveniences of heat rash throughout a couple of weeks towards the beginning of the […]

  • Dr. Cynthia’s Clinic

    By: Tawni Johnston and YiQi Xin The refugee clinic was absolutely inspiring. From what we were told, the clinic has grown annually. There were a few buildings that we were told we’re not there last year. They have many different departments within it, even departments that you wouldn’t expect to see there such as optometry. […]

  • Thinking Outside of the Box & Taking Action

    By: Tiffany Henry and Katherine Stoner As we reflect on the past month and all of our experiences in Thailand, two inspirational men stuck out to us. Mechai and Michael taught us the importance of thinking outside of the box and taking action. The center we visited in Mae Sot is a non-profit organization that […]

  • Traditional Thai Medicine

    By: Chris Roundy, Mamta Chaudhari, and DeAnna Castro History shows that Thai people have been using herbal medicines for healthcare since before 1238 AD (Chokevivat 2005). The principle concern of Buddhism, the main religion of Thailand, is eliminating suffering, which coincides with the values of medicinal practice well (Hughes 1995). Thai traditional medicine is the […]