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“Thaiing” it All Together

By: Zoe Sirivejchaphan and Spencer Luczak

Throughout history almost every country in the world has, and without consent, been invaded, conquered, or overruled by neighboring nations for reasons only the callous heart can comprehend.  However, in the midst of all this turmoil and devastation, one nation has denied such an insidious trend in an effort to preserve the life and culture of Southeast Asia.  This culturally rich country is known today as Thailand, “The Land of Smiles”.  Known for their warmth and unity as a whole, Thai people welcome in people from all areas of the world.  With this influx of tourism one might wonder where all the cash flow is headed and how this money is used to help people alleviate poverty.  This particular paper will aid in sharing the general factors that make up Thailand’s economy as well as point out the cultural dynamics that influence behaviors toward the handling of money on a daily basis.  Also, added insight will be given on the current progress of microcredit loans and attitudes regarding them in Thailand.  While every issue and avenue cannot be addressed here, a better understanding of Thailand’s mindset concerning the value of money may be more easily obtained.

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