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  • Miscellaneous Items to Bring

    Here are some more unusual items to pack that will be VERY useful on this trip: Zip Lock bags, various sizes – These are incredibly useful for many reasons, and take almost no room. They can be used to pack up wet or dirty clothing, used to store liquids when going through airport security, waterproof…

  • What to Bring – Paperwork

    There are some critical pieces of paperwork that you need to bring to Thailand:

  • What Not To Wear…..

    Thailand is hot and humid, especially in May and June.  The monsoon season is just beginning, and the air feels saturated with moisture.  It may not be quite as hot as August in Salt Lake City, but the humidity leaves you soaking after just walking a city block.  It’s tempting to wear a t-shirt and shorts all the time. And…

  • What to Bring – Personal Items

    Of course you’re going to need personal stuff…toothbrush, deodorant, medication, sunscreen, etc.  Luckily, most items are readily available in Thailand, as long as you’re not too picky about brands.  So don’t worry about bringing a month’s supply of shampoo or soap, unless you HAVE to have a particular brand.  Just bring a few days worth,…

  • What to Bring – A Personal First Aid Kit for International Travel

    Stuff happens, and at inopportune times. So it’s best that you’re prepared. We will have a group first aid kit, but it is prudent to have a personal one as well. Not a huge one that will take care of any possible accident or disease that could happen. You’d need an entire hospital and a…

  • Money, Money, Money

    You’ll need money in Thailand. In Thailand, the currency is the baht, and 35 baht is roughly equivalent to US $1. If you want to check the current exchange rates, a good site is Dollars are not very widely accepted here in Thailand, so you will have to get some baht when you’re here.

  • What to Bring – Paperwork

    There are some critical pieces of paperwork that you need to bring to Thailand:

  • Powering all your electronics in Thailand

    Powering all your electronics in Thailand

    As you probably guessed, electrical standards abroad are different. The US uses 120v/60Hz. Thailand uses 220v/50Hz. That means if you plug an appliance that is set for 120v/60Hz into an outlet in Thailand, there will probably be lots of sparks and smoke, and possibly some charred flesh. I did this once in Uganda, and the resulting smoke…

  • What to Bring – Baggage

    Count on packing pretty light.  Bring one medium bag to check in, and a carry-on that can double as an everyday bag to carry with you for the trip  A backpack or courier-type bag is appropriate for the carry-on. And remember, the other checked bag will be filled with donations; we will provide the bag.…

  • What to Bring – Electronics

    What to Bring – Electronics

    We live in a world surrounded by high tech electronics. Rarely do we leave home without a smart phone. We also have digital cameras, video players, laptops, tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, etc. But when you’re traveling like we will be, electronics are both good and bad: they can either…

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