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Flight itinerary for 2019

We have a new set of flights this year so we will see how it goes. One perk is that we will get in earlier.

Here is the flight to Thailand, leaving on Sunday May 12, 2019

Alaska Airlines 3461 Lv  SLC at 8:00 am

(on Sunday May 12)

Arr SFO at  9:20 am
Hong Kong Airlines Limited 61 Lv SFO at 12:25 pm Arr HKG at 5:35 pm


Hong Kong Airlines Limited 779 Lv HKG at 8:35 pm Arr BKK at 10:50 pm

(Monday May 13)

Here is the return flight for the group on Sunday June 9, 2019

Hong Kong Airlines Limited 762 Lv BKK 4:40 am

(on Sunday June 9)

Arr HKG at 9:00 am
Hong Kong Airlines Limited 60 Lv HKG at 1:10 pm Arr SFO at 10:40 am

(same day)

Alaska Airlines 3450 Lv SFO at 4:45 pm Arr SLC at 7:45 pm

(on Sunday June 9)

Flight Itinerary for May Term Thailand 2017

We will again be taking China Air from SLC to BKK via SFO and TPE, and via TPE and SFO on the way home. It will be approximately 20 hours in the air. We will be in coach, and the flights are usually full. But the 747s and 777s are big and comfortable, with free meals, food, drinks, blankets, headphones, slippers, and personal entertainment centers.

And yes, there is a significant layover in SFO on the flight over to Bangkok. Unfortunately, it can’t be helped. We’ll most likely take a little trip into San Francisco on BART before our flight to TPE departs.

Please note that the flights this year are a bit different than in previous years.

Here are the details of our flight itinerary for the trip:

Salt Lake City to Bangkok, Thailand

Time (all times are local)

Sunday, May 14, 2017 Alaska Airlines AS 743 Salt Lake City (SLC) Dep 6:25 am
San Francisco (SFO) Arr 7:24 am
Duration 1:59

Sunday, May 14, 2017 China Airlines CI 15 San Francisco (SFO) Dep 4:50 pm
Taipei (TPE) Arr 9:10 pm (May 15)
Duration 13:20

Monday, May 15, 2017 China Airlines CI 837 Taipei (TPE) Dep 10:05 pm
Bangkok (BKK) Arr 12:35 am (May 16)
Duration 3:30

Bangkok, Thailand to Salt Lake City

Time (all times are local)

Sunday, June 11, 2017 China Airlines CI 834 Bangkok (BKK) Dep 11:15 am
Taipei (TPE) Arr 3:55 pm
Duration 3:40

Sunday, June 11, 2017 China Airlines CI 16 Taipei (TPE) Dep 6:25 pm
San Francisco (SFO) Arr 2:50 pm
Duration 11:25

Sunday, June 11, 2017 Alaska Airlines AS 744 San Francisco (SFO) Dep 6:45 pm
Salt Lake City (SLC) Arr 9:27 pm
Duration 1:46