Category: Student Trip Reports (archived)

  • Kalasin Day 1

    In Kalasin, on Saturday the 19th of May, we attended the traditional welcome ceremony conducted for visitors. The ceremony was particularly momentous due to our group being the first western visitors to come to the village in which we’re staying and be a part of the ceremony. It was overwhelming to be the subject of […]

  • Initial Impressions Ban Toon Ting School

    By Emily Halliday and Naomi Shapiro After a four-hour van ride from Chiang Mai, all 29 of us hopped in the back of back of four-wheel drive pickup trucks for the last 45 minutes up the muddy, potholed, mountain road.  Upon arriving, Han and Peter mentioned how much the school has changed since their first […]

  • HIV/AIDS Hospice

    Lop Buri: HIV/AIDS Hospice By: Kaycee Gilson & Hailey Muilenburg •HIV and AIDS• Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a virus that causes destruction of the body’s immune system and defenses. If left untreated, HIV can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). AIDS is the most severe stage of HIV. HIV/AIDS can not be cured but […]

  • HIV/AIDS Hospice 

    By: Lacy Carter & Chloe Withers Before coming on the Mayterm Thailand trip Lacy and I wrote a blog post on HIV/AIDS in Thailand so we felt well prepared for our visit to the HIV/AIDS Hospice. Little did we know what an emotional impact it would have on the both of us. Thailand is known […]

  • Parade Day

    By:  Joe Caesar & Cera Cantu Preparation for the parade started early in the morning around 6. The theme of the day was patience. We had to wait to be called for makeup and hair to be done by some of the villagers. Once we were dressed we had to wait for the parade. All […]

  • Reflections on Ban Toong Ting

    By: Olivia Start & Dagny Helander Thai and English: two completely different languages with two completely different manuscripts. Despite the barrier, we discovered that no matter what language you speak, you can build bonds and relationships with nearly anyone. Upon arrival we expected to be greeted without hesitation or reservations from the students. As it […]

  • First Impressions … Bangkok

    By: Caitlin Lemmon & Mariah Hartle First impressions of Bangkok and Thailand.

  • Health clinics at Ban Toong Ting School

    By: Nicole Roberts & James Bacigalupo Along with the service projects at the Ban Toong Ting school, we were also able to help aid the Thai Nursing students with health checks. Health checks are extremely important, especially when done on the children of an area because they can tell a lot about the overall health of the […]

  • Ban Toong Ting School

    By: Rachel Wong and Liz Behrens Upon arrival at the Ban Toong Ting school, the group had been briefed about the possible conditions of the school and surrounding village. We were prepared for anything! However, after a bumpy ride in the back of a pickup truck through the lush green mountains, we stumbled upon our […]

  • Temple visits

    By: Karsten Gillwald & Melody Van De Graff Thais perform Buddhist worship at various holy sites throughout the country. We visited several of these sites ranging from traditional “wats” to simple worship sites.  A wat is a monastery or temple in Southeast Asia. All temples have a representation of the Thai Buddha in one of the […]