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Post-Trip Reflection

By: Rachel Wong

Over the course of my trip to Thailand, the most important thing that I have learned is the quality of flexibility.  Being open, ready and flexible for anything that is thrown at you during the trip will ensure that you will have the best trip of your life.  Thailand is extremely different from the United States, and there are more than a few times where you are out of your comfort zone. Continue reading Post-Trip Reflection

Buddhism in Thailand

By: Liz Behrens and Rachel Wong

Buddhism is a prevalent part of the Thai society, and even the royal family of Thailand is affiliated with the Buddhist faith.  Approximately 95% of the Thai population is Buddhist.  Because of the pervasiveness of Buddhism in Thailand, the country is also known as “The Land of Yellow Robes” after the traditional garb of Buddhist monks.  The practice of Buddhism has been around for thousands of years, but it is uncertain as to when Buddhism appeared in Thailand.  There is much controversy to when Buddhism arrived to Thailand, formerly known as Siam.  Many scholars believe that the birth of Thai Buddhism began with the Indian emperor, Asoka, who sent Buddhist missionaries to encourage Buddhist worship.  Although this theory is widely believed, historical evidence shows that Buddhist foundations were brought with a group of settlers known as the Mon-Khmer.  Continue reading Buddhism in Thailand