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Bangkok to Phanom Rung

After being introduced to the Thai nursing students, we added a fourth van to our caravan of Toyota commuters and headed northeast from Bangkok.  Our destination for the day was Phanom Rung temple ruins.  Where exactly that is, we are not sure.  However the six-hour ride there was quite luxurious.  Tricked out vans with reclining seats, surround sounds, and a movie screen.  Disco lights optional.  We started with Jackie Chan’s Tuxedo and finished with Aviator. 


The ruins were started in 10 AD and finished around 13 AD.  The temple is set in a mountainous region overlooking the valleys below.  There has been a little bit of restoration but overall the ruins are in good condition considering their age.  The pictures carved into the stone are still defined and the walls still stand.  When we arrived is was extremely hot and humid.  It began to rain and we were all grateful for the cool breeze and light shower.  After about an hour of exploring and picture taking we headed back to the vans.  The sun was going down and we still had a drive ahead of us to Cabbages and Condoms resort. 

Pictures to come.

Kristin Harko and Sara Gammella

The Karen

By: Amanda Phillips & Kristin Harko


Due to war, persecution, or violence many people are forced to flee their own country.  Everyday these people fear persecution based on race, religion, nationality, group membership, or political standing.  More often than not, these people cannot return to their home countries and seek refuge in a second or third country permanently.  These people seeking refuge are known as refugees.  An expanding group of refugees found in Salt Lake City, Utah is the Karen refugees from Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.

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