The Value of Education

By: Karsten Gillwald

How can you determine the wealth of a nation? Is it through something as simple as adding up all the money in the banks or evaluating the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)? Or is it through something else entirely? After spending a month in Thailand in some very remote locations, one thing stood out more than anything else: discrepancy in the equality of education. In Bangkok, there were several schools with beautiful buildings that looked well supplied and prepared to teach its students. Then, as we traveled to Kalasin, and later to the Ban Toong Ting school, two things happened, the overall poverty increased, and the accessibility to education decreased. In Kalasin, we visited several schools, all of which, with the exception of the Pattana School, were small, one or two room schools with many needs. The school in the Kokjaruen Village was a one room school, with a kitchen, and two bathrooms that is responsible for 40 students. Continue reading “The Value of Education”

Malaria in Thailand

Malaria in Thailand

By: Sia Gerard and Karsten Gillwald

Malaria is directly translated to bad- air, which for a long time people believed, much like the Black Plague, was spread due to “bad air”. Malaria, despite modern advancements in medicine, continues to cause widespread infection and death in many parts of the world, especially in tropical regions. Continue reading “Malaria in Thailand”