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Thai Food

By: Randi Arnoldi & Jonas Twu

Thai food varies from region to region. In the central region the food is usually hot, salty, sweet and sour; while food in the North is mild-hot, salty, and sour, but it is never sweet. In the South the food is hot, salty, and sour. It is interesting to note that there is not a specific flavor profile for the western part of Thailand.

There are four main sauces that are paired with each meal, every chef will cook the meal to their preferences, then each person can personalize the dish to their personal preferences. At most tables you will see a four small bowls in a ring called Khrueng Phuang or ring of spices, nine out of ten Thai’s eating will automatically reach for one of the sauces before having their first bite and it is not viewed as disrespectful. Continue reading Thai Food