• Architecture in Bangkok

    By Caitlin Johnson and Gaeble Jones While in Bangkok, Thailand we noticed that it has unique buildings and architecture compared to places within the United States. This photo is from an area near the Pak Khlong Market. This is a market that is off of the river called Chao Phraya. I found the buildings to […] Read more

  • Environmental efforts on Koh Samet

    By Madelyn Bayles and Genevieve Perry Koh Samet is an island destination and one of the stops along the way for the Mayterm Thailand experience. In the past, Koh Samet has experienced severe environmental problems. In 2013, some of Koh Samet’s beaches were damaged by an oil spill (Stevens, 2013). 50,000 liters (approximately 13,200 gallons) […] Read more

  • Snorkeling in Koh Samet

    By Katie Rees and Haley Southwick Today we were all lucky enough to have the opportunity to snorkel at several different small islands surround Koh Samet. A majority of the may term trip included rural villages and service so it was nice to relax and have fun as a group. The beginning of the day […] Read more

  • Kids at the Ban Yang Kaeo School

    By Maddy Todd and Mikayla Holt During our time at the Ban Yang Kaew School, we spent time with the students playing games focused on their English language skills. The children at this school surprisingly were not shy or timid towards us, considering that we are strange foreigners to them. The 5th and 6th grade […] Read more

  • Cement Walkway Project

    By Payton Hudson and Cecile Murdock Video of the project here. Throughout the entirety of the trip, we donate a certain amount of money to every school we travel to in order to improve the lives and structures of the communities, which allows them to start or continue projects that work towards that improvements.  Where we […] Read more

  • Health Assessments at the Ban Yang Kaew School

    By Missy Crittenden and Abby Paine The health assessment activity was our first interaction with the children attending Ban Yang Kaew School in Omkoi.  Most of the students participating had no previous experience with this kind of exercise but, this did not affect their ability to successfully perform the assessments.  There were ten parts to […] Read more


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