• History of Buddhism in Thailand

    By: Jane Dahle and Rob Caesar The development of Buddhism in Thailand has a long history. In order to go into detail about its history, it is necessary to divide it into three different key periods of time, all which have greatly influenced this religion and the spiritual founder Siddhartha Gautama. These three time periods that […] Read more

  • The History of the Sukhothai and Ayutthaya Kingdoms

    By: Victoria Valencia and Elinor Coleman Thai history is said to have began in 1238, when the Sukhothai kingdom was established. The Sukhothai kingdom, which contributed major architectural structures, was a loosely organized state in which Buddhism and the government were intertwined. However, the kingdom was short-lived. It fell apart after the death of its […] Read more

  • An Escape Along the Thai Border: Burmese Refugees

    By: Siri Wieringa and Kaylene Moulton Burma is home to one of the longest running secret civil wars in the world. Lasting over 50 years, the country has been run by a succession of military governments (Bowles, 11). The violence that has been tearing Burma apart has caused citizens to flee the country. “Nearly one […] Read more

  • The Buddhist Way of Life

    By: Alexandra Guinney and Tamer Begum With over 360 million followers Buddhism is one of the world’s largest religions. It was founded in Northeastern India in 520 BC by a young prince named Siddharta Guatama. Buddhism is a religion and an applied philosophy. The faith does not endorse the existence of a soul, nor does […] Read more

  • Aquaculture in Thailand: Economic Pressures versus Ecological Health

    By: Carson Chambers and Alexa Ferdig Fringed with rich aquatic biodiversity both along shores and inland fresh waterways, Thailand’s marine life plays an integral role in Thai society.  The farming of marine species including shrimp, prawns, muscles, finfish and cockles is a major aspect to the economy and culture of Thailand.  Salt water (brackish) aquaculture […] Read more

  • Mechai Viravaidya: The Condom King

    By: Nathan Calies and Lindsey Dunlap Mechai Viravaidya was born in Thailand to a Scottish mother and a Thai father both of whom were doctors. He is one of four children, with his younger brother, Sunya, the founder of the Pattaya International Hospital and one of his two sisters, Sumalee, was formerly a journalist in […] Read more


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