• The Learning Center

    By: Siri Wieringa and  Kaylene Moulton Today we went to the Learning Center in the village where there was a welcome ceremony. From Kaylene’s view point, there is no need for words to communicate. Although it would be a lot easier, I believe I connected with some of the Children on a whole different level. The […] Read more

  • Transportation through Bangkok

    By Feli Anne Hipol and Alex Guinney There are many modes of transportation in Bangkok. They drive on the opposite side of the road and on the right side of the car, like in Europe. We have seen families on a motor bike and the drivers skillfully maneuver their way in and out of traffic. […] Read more

  • “Thaiing” it All Together

    By: Zoe Sirivejchaphan and Spencer Luczak Throughout history almost every country in the world has, and without consent, been invaded, conquered, or overruled by neighboring nations for reasons only the callous heart can comprehend.  However, in the midst of all this turmoil and devastation, one nation has denied such an insidious trend in an effort to […] Read more

  • Thai Cuisine

    By: Kate Stoner and Tiffany Henry Thai cuisine is a large part of Thai culture and consists of many unique and staple ingredients and flavors. Thai food is an important aspect of many religious celebrations and holidays. There are also many customs that are unique to Thai cuisine and culture. We have personally done a lot ofresearch in anticipation for this trip and have discovered some […] Read more

  • The Culture of Advertising in Thailand

    By: Katie Jobst Advertising in Thailand is an adventure. Thailand is a modern country rich with tradition. This unique dynamic allows for a symphony of creativity, imagination, and practices that aim to reach both the modern and traditional Thai culture through advertising. Advertising in Thailand is regulated by government agencies and is also affected by […] Read more

  • Traditional Thai Medicine

    By: Chris Roundy, Mamta Chaudhari, and DeAnna Castro History shows that Thai people have been using herbal medicines for healthcare since before 1238 AD (Chokevivat 2005). The principle concern of Buddhism, the main religion of Thailand, is eliminating suffering, which coincides with the values of medicinal practice well (Hughes 1995). Thai traditional medicine is the […] Read more


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