• What to Bring – Electronics

    What to Bring – Electronics

    We live in a world surrounded by high tech electronics. Rarely do we leave home without a smart phone. We also have digital cameras, video players, laptops, tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers, heart rate monitors, etc. But when you’re traveling like we will be, electronics are both good and bad: they can either […]

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  • Treatments for Motion Sickness

    Treatments for Motion Sickness

    We will be experiencing just about every mode of transportation during this trip. We will be flying, driving in minivans (a lot, through city traffic as well as curvy, mountainous roads), riding in speedboats, riding in the backs of pickups over rough mountain roads, riding in tuk-tuks, riding bikes, riding tractors, and even riding on […]

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  • Staying Healthy in Thailand – MORE Things to Think About

    Staying Healthy in Thailand – MORE Things to Think About

    Staying healthy while on the trip is a very high priority for students, faculty, family, friends …… really everyone. Being ill on a trip like this really is not very fun. So far, we have had few illnesses on this trip. And there are several things we can do to stay as healthy as we […]

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  • Staying Healthy in Thailand – Vaccinations

    Staying Healthy in Thailand – Vaccinations

    One of the nice things about travelling to Thailand is that you don’t need too many special vaccinations other than the ones that you SHOULD have already (MMR, Td, Hep A, Hep B, Varicella if you haven’t had chicken pox, and possibly meningococcus, especially if you live in  dorms).  Pay particular attention to make sure your tetanus-diptheria is […]

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  • May Term Thailand FAQs

    May Term Thailand FAQs

    Family and friends of May Term Thailand participants have asked us many questions about this trip. Questions such as what we’re going to do, how we’re going to stay safe and healthy, and why we’re going to Thailand are some of what is asked of me. These are very important questions for friends and family, […] Read more

  • Details on Registration for May Term Thailand XII, May, 2022

    Details on Registration for May Term Thailand XII, May, 2022

    May Term Thailand XII (take 2) will be from May 8, 2022 to June 5, 2022. These dates are still tentative, and may chance by +/- 1 day. Registration will begin the morning of Tuesday, October 26th, at 7:30 am. The registration process will be slightly different this year. The link for registration will come […] Read more


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