Final Reflection

By: Chloe Withers

Before leaving for Thailand Han and Peter kept saying the moments that will have the greatest impact on you will be some of the hardest moments of the trip but that these would also be the moments that we learn and grow the most from. They were right. Thailand honestly changed my life in more ways than one. I’ve never been pushed so far outside of my comfort zone. It was a challenge but one I’m glad I didn’t shy from. I took my first little step outside my comfort zone as I walked onto the plan leaving San Francisco headed for Taipei. I was working my way out of my comfort zone while sweating more than I had ever done in my life all while watching children shoot off home made rockets towards the sky. While eating cooked blood curry while hoards of mating moths swarmed the lights at dinner one night in the second village I basically forgot what a comfort zone was but I completely forgot my comfort zone existed while playing and teaching the children of the Ban Toong Ting school the colors of the rainbow. I am a shy person but this trip helped me open up and step away from who I use to be and helped push me in the direction of who I want to become. I was immersed in a beautiful culture while constantly being pushed to change my habits and behaviors all the while developing some of the most meaningful relationships that I never want to lose. Thailand showed me what it means to be a global citizen and gave me the opportunity to be one. That’s something I will never forget.





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