Health clinics at Ban Toong Ting School

By: Nicole Roberts & James Bacigalupo

Along with the service projects at the Ban Toong Ting school, we were also able to help aid the Thai Nursing students with health checks. Health checks are extremely important, especially when done on the children of an area because they can tell a lot about the overall health of the community. Two of the most important areas of health to check are height and weight. Abnormal height or weight for a child can determine a great majority of health issues in a community. While helping the nursing students, we assisted in taking the height and weight of every student at the school. We then proceeded to check the body for scrapes or abrasions, or anything abnormal with physical features. Next, we would asses any of the scrapes or abnormal physical features and clean them up.


During this phase of the health check, we would also check for lice and de-lice any students that were found to have it. Finally, we would send the kids away with a toothbrush and toothpaste and a package of vitamin C pills.

health 2

It was incredible see how simple the health checks were. It does not take much training, or any training really, to provide this kind of medical service to a community. The supplies needed are also fairly rudimentary. We used a lot of hand sanitizer, iodine, salt solution, and a concoction of delousing liquid in a water bottle. It was fun being able to provide these services to the children and further get to know them and play with them. We were able to work on learning some more Thai by learning the word “next”. The kids really enjoyed the fact that we were trying to speak the language and got a kick out of us failing miserably. We also taught them some our culture too by teaching the hand-shake and “blowing it up” at the end. After the check ups we were able to teach them some English words after they taught us some Thai. We incorporated the learning of English through the game head shoulders knees and toes.

health 3

They seemed to really enjoy the game and were later excited to speak with us and show us that they remembered the English words. It was a wonderful experience getting to know the kids even more and be able to help provide them with something that seems so simple yet is so beneficial.

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