Photos from the Fundraiser Dinner

Some photos from our fundraiser dinner, held on Friday, March 7. We raised over $7,000 for projects in Northern Thailand. Thank you for everyone who made it a success!

IMG_4171_DxO IMG_4170_DxO IMG_4168_DxO

IMG_4167_DxO IMG_4163_DxO IMG_4161_DxO IMG_4159_DxO IMG_4157_DxO IMG_4156_DxO IMG_4155_DxO IMG_4149_DxO IMG_4148_DxOIMG_4093_DxO IMG_4146_DxO IMG_4145_DxO IMG_4144_DxO IMG_4141_DxO IMG_4122_DxO IMG_4117_DxO IMG_4116_DxO IMG_4114_DxO IMG_4106_DxO IMG_4103_DxO IMG_4102_DxO IMG_4096_DxO






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