Lasting Thoughts

One of the most important things I learned being a nursing student on this trip revolved around resourcefulness and flexibility in nursing. Here in the U.S. we have access to endless supplies, state of the art equipment and a plethora of doctors to choose from. Prior to the village assessments, I found myself focusing on the supplies we didn’t have rather than what we did have and what we could accomplish.

So much of what we learn in nursing school feels rigid to me when, in actuality nursing is also an art. Yes, there is a foundation which is important to have studied and will serve as the basis for knowledge, but this experience impacted my approach. It prompted me to think more broadly about realistic intent when providing healthcare in varying parts of the world. The approach in the village was rudimentary compared to what we might do here in the States, but the impact was still great. It served in gaining knowledge and information about the priority health concerns among the children and we did it with less.

This experience gave me insight on how to assist populations globally and will serve as a lifelong reminder to be resourceful, flexible and think outside the box. Yay!


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