Final Reflection

Final Reflection

By: Erica Houck


Reflecting back on the past three weeks I find myself wishing to help more. I believe that we all contributed from day one; from fundraising and raising money, to giving a donation to the AIDs hospice and other villages in Thailand. Although we gave a great contribution to multiple organizations, there is always need for more help. We donated money to the school in Kalasin, then to the second villages school (Ban Mai), and we also contributed to funding the AIDs hospice and community. These donations may have seemed minor to us, but these communities greatly appreciated our efforts and involvement in their societies.

However, I still think that there is still so much more that we can contribute in future years. It is critical to understand that a little bit goes a long way to others. It is important to pass on that this service learning trip can be more effective to ourselves in some cases, than to those we serve. I have learned a great deal about myself on this trip and my wish to help others who are not as fortunate as I am. There are so many different aspects to this trip that have changed my outlook on the way that we, as Americans live our lives and how truly fortunate we all are. I would strongly suggest to others to take this amazing and incredible opportunity in the years to come. I can only stress that this trip will be more enjoyable and rewarding if everyone puts in their part to raise money and participate in the pre-planning of this trip. With everyone’s participation, not only while on the trip but prior, you can all help to further benefit the villages and communities that you will visit.

The people in each area that we traveled to were all very appreciative for our contributions and services and yet I still think that we could have done and or raised more funds for these people. I am hopeful that in  future years, Westminster students like ourselves will understand and stress to others the need to contribute to helping those who are less fortunate than we are and taking others into consideration.  We all worked together to achieve the things that we did and it is important to always remember this while on the trip. It is not about our own needs but helping those who need more than we do and offering above and beyond what we had hope to offer to further develop as global citizen.


At the Ban Mae Tuen School in the second village we mixed cement for the cafeteria.


The principle of the Ban Mae Tuen school asked us to paint these water tanks. We all worked together to pant and add a bit of color and pattern to these once bare tanks.






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