Authentic Thai fishing by Alyssa Hill and Natalie Bliss


While staying in the village in Kalasin, Thailand we had the opportunity to participate in an authentic Thai fishing experience. It began by sinking our feet into knee deep mud with murky water and fish surrounding us. A local villager provided us with a large fishing net that our amateur hands placed on the pond floor. We then pushed the net down in hopes of catching our dinner. Our hesitant hands spanned  the net searching for the breathtaking feeling of grasping a hopelessly captured fish. The slippery and floppy characteristics of the freedom seeking fish made it difficult to pull them out without slipping through our fingers. The inability to see what we were grasping strikes an acute fear making the task at hand seemingly impossible. Once the impossible was proven wrong and the first fish was caught, our nerves began to dwindle and our anxious movements became more fluid. One after another we caught a multitude of fish and filled two buckets to the rim to later be used as our dinner. This experience is very essential to Thai village culture and we were extremely fortunate to be immersed in this aspect of their culture. 

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