Going on a date with a Thai student

By: Joey Garzarelli

Going on a date with someone from a different culture can definitely be an eye opening experience. First off from what I have learned is that dating is not as common in Thailand as it is in the states. You may be taking a Thai college student on her very first date even if she is in her 20s. This was definitely a big shock for me as I am used to most high school girls at least experiencing one date in that time period. You may need to realize that some of these students may have been raised in village like the one we stayed at in Kalasin. This is why you must be prepared for your date feeling like one when you were 15 years old.

The date does not need to be planned out very thoroughly because lets face it you are new to this country. You need to make sure to play it safe because Bangkok can be a very dangerous city especially at night. It is definitely a city that can be traveled at night though, many things to see in a city that never sleeps. I took this experience to definitely show me the differences between dates I the US and dates in Thailand.

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