Back to Playing Dress-Up

By: Amanda Phillips and Kenzie Mitchell

When we arrived in Kalasin we found out who was going to be the royalty in the parade. The first king and queen pair was Mary and Justin the cute couple of our trip. The second pair was me, Amanda, and Greg. Our elephant driver was Tyler. The five princesses were Lisa, Sarah Pierson, Sarah Schafer, Teal, and me, Kenzie. The morning of the parade we went to the government building and waited to get ready. We had two stylists who trimmed our eyebrows, primped our faced and got us all dolled up. Between bright purple lipstick, drawn on eyebrows, and more concealer than any of us had worn in our lives we were told not to sweat or touch our faces…It’s harder than it sounds!

Wardrobe began with nude colored leotards for all, boys included! Then we were dressed in beautiful sarongs, big hair pieces, and lots of gold jewelry, any girls dream! As the parade began we encountered some difficulties with getting on our floats and not unraveling our sarongs. I thought I had it rough until I looked up and saw Amanda attempting to get on top of a ten foot tall elephant float.

It was fun smiling and waving to all the villagers as we went by. It was cute to see all the kids who were so excited to see us, and would walk beside our floats the whole way down. When we arrived at the end of the parade we watched some dance performances concluding with our hairdressers all dressed up themselves and doing a funny skit dance where Greg accidentally knocked off one of their wigs. After that we took loads of pictures with all the villagers and then back to the government building to take off our royal attire. The parade was so much fun and it was such a great experience to be a part of this villages culture and traditions. And at the end of the day besides our hairdressers shaving off half our eyebrows we came out of this awesome experience unscathed!





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