By: Spencer Luczak

Blogging… definitely a first for me.  Back home I go by Spencer Luczak but on our excursion I am occasionally referred to as ‘Stallion’.  Usually my reflections of life are posted in a personal journal or fluffed up for an assignment given out at school.  However, there is something about being in a foreign environment where nobody is in their comfort zone that causes me to be open with my thoughts without reservation.  My entry for today, although simple in essence, I hope will give others a feeling for the innate love that children posses.

During our time spent painting and playing with the village children at their school in Kalasin I was caught off guard by the tenderness of a young boy and the tenured love of his on-looking mother.  While the time we spent collectively designing  t-shirts for each student strengthened our bond between the children, I found the actual giving of the gifts to be most enlightening.  My intellect told me that the young boy who I would give my shirt to would not fully appreciate what was being done for him, but that is exactly where I learned my lesson.  My mind was fully at work internalizing and analyzing our interaction with the village kids, but my heart and emotions were not fully engaged yet.  As I went about offering my shirt and a respectful two-handed bow motion I felt the presence of an elderly woman observing my actions.  After the young boy and I exchanged gifts his anxiously gave me a gentle kiss on my right cheek.  Speechless, I gave him a great big hug and thanked him through my smile.  Following this I slowly turned to express my happenings to other students when my eyes caught those of the on-looking mother.  Her leathered face and calm smile told me infinitely more than a translation of words from Thai to English ever could.  My simple act and care for her son somehow instilled in me a new sense of belonging to this woman with whom I have never met nor might ever see again.  At that moment I remembered the power of personal influence.  Once my heart was involved I was able to give more of myself. At the same time I was receiving love and knowledge of simple humility that steadily began to increase my soul’s capacity to harmonize with everyone around me.

It’s funny how life gets so busy or complex that tender moments such as this become lost or missed altogether.  I hope that in the future I will be more aware of these opportunities and take the time to write them down.  Some details I may forget, but the feeling and image of that boy and his mom will never leave me.





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