A Mile is a Mile

By: Ellie Coleman and Lindsey Dunlap

I recently took up running and on June 25th I’ll run my first half marathon.  I was pretty stressed out about whether or not I would be able to train in Thailand and was pleasantly surprised to see a red dirt road upon our arrival to Kalasin.  In our five days there I was able to run three times, but it wasn’t easy.  I had to wake up at 5 a.m. and the air was thick and humid.

One morning Lindsay and I went for a jog.  Neither of us were feeling very well so we took it easy and ran at a slow pace.  As I was running I thought about what my dad used to say to me, “A mile is a mile.”  Meaning, no matter what pace I’m running at I’m still accomplishing the task at hand.

After our run Lindsay and I discussed how that saying relates to our experience with higher education.  We’re both 24 and graduating from Westminster this year with our Bachelor’s degrees.  I took two years off of school to work and Lindsay switched majors twice.  We are graduating about two years later than the average undergraduate but in our opinion taking time off to work/make sure that the degree was the right fit didn’t set us back, we believe that we’re better off for it.  I can’t tell you  how much I learned and accomplished in those two years.  And, the fact is that once we’re finished we’ll be in the same position as most of our peers – jobless or with a job that doesn’t apply to our degrees.  We’re O.K. with that as long as we continue to learn and grow.  A mile is a mile, at any pace.

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