Transportation through Bangkok

By Feli Anne Hipol and Alex Guinney

There are many modes of transportation in Bangkok. They drive on the opposite side of the road and on the right side of the car, like in Europe. We have seen families on a motor bike and the drivers skillfully maneuver their way in and out of traffic. A common sight are taxis in bright colors, most commonly peptol bismol pink. There are also motor bikes with a three person seat carrier attached to the back of it called tuk-tuks, which we had an opportunity to experience today. It wasn’t as scary as people made it out to be, we kept our hands and feet inside the tuk-tuk and our driver was cautious for the most part.

A great way to avoid the traffic was to take a water taxi. It was hot and crowded, but we saw many waterfront houses and businesses and other sites tourists may not have the opportunity to see if they didn’t ride one. It was a quick trip to the grand palace and temple as well, about half the time it took in local street traffic.

Tomorrow we begin our journey on the eight hour drive to our first village in an air conditioned, ten seater van. The transportation we have experienced and the transportation we have yet to experience while in Thailand will be a great adventure during our May term trip in Thailand.

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